NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro Full Version


NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro Crack is a powerful professional audio tools creator for high-end music producers, post-production engineers, and broadcasters. Streaming apps, download stores, websites and podcasts all use data compression, loudness matching or both.

NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro Full Version

Nugen’s MasterCheck software gives you the accurate loudness you need to prepare your mix and essentials for a wide range of contemporary digital music services like Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and more. It also allows you to hear what your music will look like when you are subject to its standards. What’s more, MasterCheck allows you to easily compare multiple processing chains to see what effect they will have on the mix after compression, so you won’t be surprised when your main 24-bit is reproduced as a streaming AAC file.

MasterCheck Pro 2020 Patch demonstrates the effects of loudness normalization so you can find a sweet spot between loudness and perceived dynamics, and allows you to hear the artifacts previously provided by the coding process. You can quickly find the point where these operations will begin to negatively affect music, putting you back in control.

NUGEN Audio MasterCheck Pro Full Version Features

  • Measuring integrated loudness
  • Monitoring PLR and PSR to avoid over-compression
  • Identifying codec distortion, and tweaking to compensate
  • A/B referencing at matched loudness
  • Preparing mix dynamics for mastering
  • Mastering for digital music services
  • Measuring dynamic content
  • Avoiding downstream clipping
  • Auditioning loudness matched FX chains
  • Mastering for podcasts and digital radio

You can download MasterCheck Pro to version 1.5 here, NUGEN Audio introduces this basic mix-optimization toolkit to mix and master according to the increasingly streaming service community so that the likes of GRAMMY Award-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado can continue to deliver music mixes safely knowing that their work will work … wherever it is broadcast.

Available formats

We support AAX, VST, VST3, AU and AudioSuite in both 64-bit and 32-bit versions. RTAS is also available as 32-bit only.

Minimum system requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.7.x / 512 MB RAM
  • Windows (64 bit) Vista or above / 512 MB RAM

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